Friday, October 2, 2009

Too many ideas...

so little money! Today we did a big craft supply run. I am a dangerous woman in these shops. I want to try a little of everything! Today we stocked up on some scrapbooking papers for more mats, but I've also got some magnets I want to make and we also got the beads and ribbon to finish off the ornaments I'm working on. I'm looking forward to doing more of those. Since I hand illustrate them, I find them more creatively challenging than the mats.

On another note... trash TV. Tonight I watched Project Runway which I'd DVR'd. This episode was ok, but I preferred the one that aired a week or 2 ago. They had to make outfits out of paper. As a lover of all things paper, I was pretty impressed by what they did. My favorite was this one:

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  1. Oh man... we have this massive craft supply chain store that just opened near us. It's lethal to my bank balance to go in there!