Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting organized!

This blog is certainly new, but it's time to set excuses aside. From next week I'm going to start a proper program of posts. I haven't decided what exactly yet, but something along the lines of: Mondays will be a recap of my weekend endeavors, Tuesdays a feature on another fellow-crafter, Wednesdays a new resource, etc.

Until then, I'm just working on getting organized. Marketing your crafts is hard work! Mom and I are also hard at work on the 2 new lines we intend to launch shortly (the ornaments seen below, and some cool placemats). Today we also went through her TONS of jewelry and sorted through them for recycling/upcycling purposes. We're drowning in beads!

Hopefully they will make appearances in some new, exciting things.

1 comment:

  1. Boy, do I hear you! I am feeling exactly the same way, new at this, busy with making and trying to sell.....some days I want to forget it and go back to work full time! I figured out I needed a break, left the house for a window shopping spree and came back refreshed and ready to go again. Keep at it, you have a great start!!!!