Thursday, September 24, 2009

Positive thoughts...

Unfortunately, today was about as unsuccessful as yesterday. My son has just been diagnosed with a whole host of food allergies which has sent out household into a tailspin.

Nevertheless, I'm still excited and still committed! I did get some great new mats made earlier in the week... I just need to finish mounting them, photographing them, and get them listed!

Meanwhile, I need to decide what my next shop line will be. Our tag line for the shop is 'Interesting things for the home' so that gives us the opportunity to try some different things to offer diversity to the shop, as well as keep us creatively challenged. I had some ideas for Christmas ornaments, but I've had some issues with the materials I wanted to use. I also have some interesting place mats I want to make... but committing myself to sewing things is a big leap of faith for me!

Decisions, decisions...

OK, off to catch up on blogs, twitter and whatnot. It's the least I can do today!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's allergies. I hope that you guys get it figured soon!

    (Found you on the Etsy forums! Also apart of the Etsy D listers!)


  2. Thanks! We're lucky they aren't life threatening allergies, but we have to cut pretty much all foods known to man out for about a year. :-/

  3. Sorry to hear about your son's allergies. It can be difficult enough cooking for kids without having the added pressure of worrying if the food might affect their health too. I'm not sure if this book is available outside the UK but I've been told by a few people that it's really useful:

  4. Thanks, Hannah. That book is available here... but even if not, I'd get it as we're a half US half UK family! I lived in England for 8 years!